Friday, August 12, 2011

Bye, bye baby.

Callie's worst fears have come to fruition.

She's officially no longer a baby.

Here she was last month, still considering herself a baby:

See all those teeth? That's her dividing line between baby and big kid. Those front teeth.

And now here she is. As of 1:30 this afternoon, she is no longer a baby.

This is Callie showing me where she found her tooth. She wanted to show me how far she could push it out with her tongue. She said, "Look, Mama!" and smiled and there was no tooth. She gasped, stuck her finger into her cheek, and found it right where she's pointing.

This afternoon we had a super lunch of sushi, miso, and salad. Watching her try to eat sushi rolls with that dangling front tooth was painful and funny all at the same time. Rice spilling everywhere, long cords of wet seaweed dangling from her hand, blood on her was not pretty.

I think we're all happy to be done with that tooth.

All except the baby of the family, that is.


Fulton said...

Who is this girl "Callie" that you speak of? I don't even recognize her.

She's growing up so fast!!

Unknown said...

Wow!! She is so grown up! Love the dress, too. :) We miss your girls!