Friday, October 21, 2011

When these girls dance

When these girls dance, I see their personalities. One is serious and reserved, the other lighthearted and smiling. One wants to be sure her positions are perfect, the other wants to fly through the air. One seems like a serious artist while the other is the definition of a munchkin.

In both girls, their gifts are evident. Brynn awes me with the beautiful ways she moves, brings tears to my eyes when she swims and when she dances, moving swiftly and fluidly with coordination and confidence that belie her years. The grace in her body surprises me, catches me off guard every single time. I never expected my almost ten pound baby, the one born bowlegged, to move like this. It is like she sees beauty and internalizes it and lets it flow through her body and out her fingers and toes.

Callie draws out the joy in those around her, smiling and giggling and cracking jokes. She is silly and bright and life bubbles out of her every moment she is awake. Her moods change without hesitation, from elated to passionately angry to pee-in-her-pants laughing without skipping a beat. How blessed I am, mother to them both, given the opportunity to watch them bloom, to stand witness as their gifts emerge, to be overwhelmed by their passion and showered by their joy.

Sometimes I can't believe they are my daughters; they are so gifted and so blessed in so many ways. And then I realize, so am I.


nick said...

beautifully written!

Heather Van Uxem-Lewis said...

Poetic and lovely. What a treasure!