Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Scott and I made a deal with the girls when we were in Steamboat Springs this August. We told them, "Yes, we will buy you both cowgirl boots. But you have to be cowgirls for Halloween." Deal. And they've been wearing their cowgirl boots to school a few times a week, so I think they were totally worth the investment.

Check out the girls' awesome glittery belt buckles. They used the shiny, glittery belt buckles on the barrel racers at the rodeo in Steamboat as their inspiration. These ones are actually jar lids with holes punched in them, glued and glittered to the max, and tied onto their belts. Brilliant, I know.

I love my cowgirls!

Those freckles on her nose are to die for. Love them.


I have no idea what got them giggling this time. I'm so glad to have girls who are not just sisters, but friends too.

Check out that bling!!

Poor Libbie had to be Superdog again. She was not pleased. I'm sure she would have preferred to go with the theme and be a cattle dog. No costume necessary.


Court said...

Adorable!!! I can't believe how grown up they look!

Hillary said...

I can't believe how grown up they both ARE!!

Dr. Kurt said...

When purchasing the boots, did Scott happen to buy matching rifles? Man I'm glad that Lin and I had a boy.

Hillary said...

Haha. No but maybe he should have. We've got a wild antelope in the freezer! Very tasty.

Hillary said...

Oh, and I thought I wanted a boy. But it turns out that two girls are just right for me. Amazing how God knows SO much better than we do!