Thursday, December 08, 2011

Brynn turns nine

Brynn thinks it is hilarious to count down the days to turning ten. She knows it makes me squirm to think of her growing up and so she says, "Mom, 348 days til I turn 10." Ach. Drives me crazy.

Despite the fact that I would prefer she stay exactly as she is, time seems to continue marching along without me. And so here we are, at her 9th birthday, which she has stubbornly decided MUST be a sleepover and MUST include tea.

Okay...tea. "Can we have a 2 hour tea party? Look at all the cute tea party inspiration pics I pinned on Pinterest, honey!"

"NO, mom. I want a sleepover."

Sigh, okay. So we had a sleepover. With tea. And hot cider for the non-tea drinkers among us (which was pretty much all of them). They ate cake, did a fun craft, drank tea, and stayed up too late. Yep, I think they filled every requirement for a fun birthday sleepover.

God bless Whole Foods. Brynn loves those cakes!

The girls putting together their ornaments.

Brynn is so blessed to have such a kind and fun group of friends.

Some of the finished ornaments.

The girls did an amazing job on the ornaments. They're all very crafty.

Callie and I punched the paper ahead of time.

The girls just stuck the paper punches
onto styrofoam balls with sewing pins.

And attached ribbons for hanging. Cute and simple.


Fulton said...

the ornaments might be the last straw, the ghost of that elk is going to haunt you all forever.

Hillary said...

Haha! Yes, we've started dressing him up every Christmas. Totally out of line, I know. So disrespectful. Whatever. His grandsons and granddaughters eat my plants and poo in my grass. He deserves it.

There's actually a big buck wandering our neighborhood right now with a big string of lights wrapped around his antlers. So maybe they LIKE being decorated for Christmas!