Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Lists

Christmas lists are generally not encouraged in our house. Despite that, both of the girls took it upon themselves to write lists a few days ago. Never mind that our shopping is done or that there wasn't much shopping planned in the first place, they figure that Santa can always come through, whether you actually believe in him or not.

Let me share a few highlights from their lists. First of all, both girls have listed "violin" at the tops of their lists, and Brynn has also requested weekly lessons to go with her violin. In addition to her violin, Callie would like an American Girl doll bed, a reading loft, and a grapefruit. Or "grap froot" as she spells it. She'd also like a bag of glitter and fairy wings, plus a bag of lavender, a grandfather clock, a bunny, a puppy, and a kitten. Not too much to ask, right?

As for Brynn, she would like an American Girl doll with "most of her accessories," her "very own" kitten or puppy, a wallet (that can carry a lot), a piano in the house, money to donate to Atin Afrika, and a baby brother. (Yes, you read that right.) Oh, and a ballerina jewelry model from Hobby Lobby. She also left the following note: "I have been asking for these things for so long now! I would love to have at least three or four items from my list. They would be really precious to me. Maybe not to you, but me. Even if I only get one item, I would treat it with care."

So, here I go wrapping presents and realizing that not one thing that the girls asked for is in the presents. Brynn will be thrilled, I'm sure, to find a lampshade among her gifts. And both girls will be getting socks with toes sewn into them. I bet they'll wish those had been on their lists. I did just send Scott to Safeway to grab a grapefruit for Callie. At least she can check off one item.


Susan Keltner said...

I'm not sure why, but I particularly love the request for a bag a glitter.

BTW, there are some cute DIY fairy wing projects out there. I made a pair of butterfly wings for a friend using wire, pantyhose and, of course, glitter!

Bri!!! said...

This is so funny. Oh the lists. We haven't gotten there yet. But I'm sure that isn't too far off in the distance for Caleb. As for the baby brother, I say DO IT!:-). A little boy would be so lucky to be in your family!

Hillary said...

Susan, thanks for the heads up. I'll Pinterest it and maybe we'll put together some fairy wings over Christmas break!

Bri, ooooooh, how I wanted boys. Hockey players and football players, in particular. But sadly, our reign as parents of babies is over -- Scott will be forever shooting blanks now. Luckily the girls have a plethora of new baby nephews. And we're crossing our fingers for some boy grandbabies in about 20 years. :)