Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is your favorite beer?

Callie: What is your favorite beer?
Brynn: Uhhhhh...
Callie: Do you like stout? Like Guinness?
Brynn: Uhhhhh...I don't like beer.
Callie: But if you did, which would be your favorite?
Brynn: I haven't even tasted beer. I don't know.
Callie: Mine is Corona. I don't really like dark beer. I like light beer.

Nicely put, Callie. Our favorite beer connoisseur, age 6.


Grandpa Foy said...

LOL! If anyone is interested my favorite is PBR. Was MGD but I've moved on. Since neither one is readily available in Mexico I drink Tecate and Pacifico but Cornoa will do. Will be a fun day when Callie and I can share a beer.

Hillary said...

I believe that has already happened. She's not a big fan of Tecate or Pacifico, though.

The Crew said...

That little discussion is hilarious!! Callie, Callie -- however, I am surprised that Brynn has forgotten her taste for beer. Anyway, I join Callie in my preference for Corona - way to go, girl...