Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Skiing, finally.

Callie and Brynn on the slopes under the blue Colorado sky.

 Maybe you've hasn't been the best year for snow here in the west. It took much longer than normal to build up a decent base of snow at most of the resorts here in Colorado (and I've heard the same has been true in Utah and California). So we put off skiing until we hit the perfect day: new snow and decent temperatures. By decent I of course mean WELL over 30 degrees and no wind.

You see, I'm a wimp and I'm getting wimpier with age.

My children, apparently, are not. As long as they are with friends, the cold doesn't seem to bother them.

This year, for the first time EVER, the girls skied (close your eyes Grandparents, you won't want to read this) without us! Callie skied with a friend and Brynn skied with a friend and we didn't see them much all day.

Scary, I know. Because there are lots of no-good people in the world and my daughters are cute and vulnerable.

But the resort where we are skiing this year is small and all of the trails lead back to the same base. It would be very difficult to get lost or off track.

The girls stayed out until the bitter end -- until the lifts stopped running and every trail was in the shade. Brynn came in with tears in her eyes because her hands were so cold, but it was nothing that couldn't be solved by a good cup of hot chocolate.

I tend to fight skiing with the family because I'm so afraid of the cold. But now that the girls can ski without me, now that I can sit in the lodge with a book and a cup of coffee, I think we're moving into a new era. It's an exciting time!

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Bri!!! said...

That is VERY exciting!