Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Miss Callie turns 7

Callie (or Goose, as we call her) is widely adored for the funky outfits she wears. And her 7th birthday was really no exception. She started the day off in downtown Colorado Springs at 7:30am wearing...a princess dress. Sleeping Beauty, I think.

Her dad and sister surprised her with breakfast at her favorite spot, La Creperie. Unfortunately, they arrived an hour and a half before La Creperie opens. So they ended up where? Waffle House of course. In a princess dress.

I guess at 7 years old one can still pull that off.

Despite her occasionally explosive personality, Callie is still a sweet, truthful, charming little girl. Shy around strangers ("Excuse me? Can you say that again? It sounds like you're whispering...in Timbuktu."), Callie opens up once you get to know her. And when you make her laugh, look out. Even as a baby she had a laugh that would make your heart smile, and that laugh has only grown, intensified, and begun to tempt us to make her laugh more often, just for the entertainment of listening to her.

For her 7th birthday party, Callie insisted on a princess party (which included making all of her friends dress up even though most of them long outgrew and gave away their princess dresses). This princess party was scheduled for 10am and lasted for two hours of back-to-back-to-back activities. In keeping with the princess theme, Scott and I dressed up (and Scott called everyone "my lady..." We may have watched too much Downton Abbey recently). We started with a craft just like we do at every birthday party, followed by fishing for Snickers (this was harder than we thought it would be), pin the jewel on the tiara, and pass the parcel.

Lord and Lady of the house.

Callie's friends Bella (on the left) and Callie (on the right). I know! How fun is it to have a friend named Callie?!

Callie and her friend Lucy decorating princess hats.

In case you were wondering, this IS what we teach our children. When you can't reach something, crawl up on the table and get it for yourself.

The girls overseeing the fishing game. The fisher-princesses are up in the loft dropping a line down for mini-Snickers tied up in bows.

Callie with her eyes covered for Pin the Jewel on the Tiara.

Pinning a jewel.

Pass the parcel.

We wrapped bracelets that Callie and her friend Natalie and I made -- a different one for each girl. They had fun trading bracelets at the end of the game.

 No fancy cakes this time around -- Callie simply requested a Costco cake that serves 40 (to feed 9 little girls) along with some ice cream. I sent a piece of cake home with each girl in her goodie bag. I'm pretty sure that was one of my most brilliant party moves yet. And we've still got a quarter of the cake in the fridge.

Brynn planned to dress up as Kate Middleton but made a last minute change to a more traditional princess. But, she kept the Kate-like feather and bejeweled brooch in her hair.

Brynn's friend Acacia was kind enough to join the party, too. Callie loves having Brynn's friends around!

Scott getting ready to offer Libbie a treat.

We celebrate March 10th as Libbie's birthday, too. Happy fifth, sweet pup!
So there you have it. My baby's not a baby anymore and with every day that passes, I'm reminded of how lucky and how blessed I am to have her. Sometimes I stare at her and I wonder how it is possible that Scott and I combined to make such a bright, fun, funny, lighthearted, kind, and beautiful girl. Because, well, neither one of us is all that remarkable but we make some pretty dang fantastic kids.


Bri!!! said...

Oh, I think you are pretty dang remarkable, and it does show in your children!

Heather Van Uxem-Lewis said...

Happy Birthday, Callie! What a magical event! Beautiful, lovely and enduring from every angle.