Monday, May 21, 2012

What has become of me?

As I was dropping my kids off at school today, a friend said, "You look great today. What's the occasion?"

To say I was taken aback would be an understatement.

Let's talk about how I look today, and what it means for me if today I look great. I grabbed a quick shot of myself a minute ago so you could see what I'm talking about. Sorry it's blurry...try taking a photo of yourself in a dark room with a dirty mirror and see how it goes.

  • Let's start with the hat. Don't let it fool you. I don't need it to block sun on my way to and from school. I've got sunglasses and sunscreen on, just like I do every day. Clearly, the hat is to hide the hair. The hair needs to be hidden because it hasn't been washed since...Friday? Thursday? I can't even remember. After our five mile hike yesterday I did sit in the hot tub, in case that counts for something. Frankly, showering is low on my priority list these days and styling my hair doesn't even make the list.
  • Moving on to the face. No makeup. Period. Do we need to move further?
  • Okay, the shirt. It has holes in it. I bought it for $1.99 at Old Navy. I love it because of the color and because it is comfortable, but it's not exactly haute couture. (Is that how that word is spelled? And what is it, exactly?)
  • The skirt. Skort, actually. I think I paid $12 for it. At Costco. Yes, I buy my clothes at Costco.
  • My legs...well, you can guess about when I last shaved. They, too, fall far down my priority list. Luckily I'm tan and have light hair.
  • My Chaco sandals, which I've had since 1998 (but were recently resoled for the second time), are not exactly clean or attractive. But I wear them religiously because they are comfy and supportive and oh-so-Colorado.

So there you have it. If this is good, the standards my friend and I set for ourselves must have fallen ridiculously low. And if this is good, I wonder what I look like the rest of the time? I guess the rest of the time I'm covered in sawdust. That's the way I like it.

Yesterday Scott showed the girls photos from our honeymoon. They said I looked a lot better then. I told them that 12 years from now they won't look as good as they do now. That's probably not true; they'll probably look just as good if not better. But it felt good to say it. 12 years ago I cared. How I looked mattered to me (although, not enough to shave my legs -- ask any of my college friends). Now I know that the rest of my life -- my kids, my health, and the things I'm passionate about -- are more important. And I have a great life.


The Loerzels said...

Totally Colorado! And I love the shirt and sunscreen. Because all the sunscreen I have here leaves a white film that makes me even whiter than I already am.

Hillary said...

Marie, I'm looking forward to you coming back!

Anonymous said...

Hillary I totally laughed at this because I can SOOO RELATE. Being a p.e. teacher, and from Colorado, I often look JUST like you in that photo. One day I threw on jeans....yes jeans and maybe a long sleeve cotton shirt from Kohls that maybe cost $9 and my daughter said "mom, why are you so dressed up?" reality check right there. So, I'm with ya and LOVED reading this because I think you ALWAYS look GREAT! IT's flippin MOnday...that is the occasion.