Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day at Lost Creek

I am a big believer in doing whatever the person of honor wants to do on the person of honor's big day.

So for Mother's Day? I built a table and Scott helped me while the girls rode bikes in the front yard.

For Father's Day, obviously we had to get outside and into the woods. Scott's been wanting to explore a specific part of the Lost Creek Wilderness near Lake George for a while now. Sunday was the perfect day to do it.

We left here around 8:30am and grabbed breakfast burritos at our favorite Mexican joint. We've found that the number of breakfast burritos eaten is directly proportional to our success in the outdoors, no matter what the adventure. We ordered one for everyone. Everyone except Libbie, anyway. And we realized later that we forgot to feed her breakfast, but she sat obediently smelling the burritos without so much as a look of disgust at us.

Oops. Good thing she's a faithful and energetic dog, fed or unfed.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to the trailhead, including 12 miles on a dirt road. The wind was howling when we arrived but died down as soon as we got down to the creek.

To get to the creek you've got to walk through part of the burn area from the 2002 Hayman Fire. It's eerie and exposed but also a great reminder of how nature regenerates itself. Once you get out of the burn area you feel thankful for shade and trees and water.

The Goose Creek trail is a fantastic trail for the kids, especially for backpacking. Perfect camping spots abound, as do wade-able parts of the creek. Libbie went for a swim almost immediately. Apparently she totally submerged herself because when she came back she was dripping from head to toe and her doggie backpack was full of water.

We kept the kids out of the water until the end of our hike, knowing that once they started playing in the creek we'd be hard-pressed to get them out.

We hiked up about two miles, farther and farther from the creek, until we couldn't take the kids' huffing and puffing anymore. We all ate apples and admired the powerful scenery (which Scott called "a poor man's Half Dome").

Then we headed back down to the creek for drinks and trail mix and fun in the water. The girls both got in deep enough to get their shorts wet. Next time we'll take swimsuits and water shoes and probably tents and sleeping bags, too. There are so many great spots to camp -- we might have to take a few families with us. Anyone up for joining in? We're not planning to wait for Father's Day to roll around again before heading back out.


Fulton said...

"We've found that the number of breakfast burritos eaten is directly proportional to our success in the outdoors."

LOL, I can't help but laugh because that sentence would make more sense if you exchanged "outdoors" with "bathroom".

Hillary said...

Haha, Michael! Only you.