Saturday, June 23, 2012

Speaking of fire...

That's the last time I'll be writing about a wildfire. Should have knocked on wood.

Our house is just outside the area of the Waldo Canyon/Pyramid Mtn fire (apparently they can't decide on a name -- I prefer Waldo Canyon). We've heard that if we leave our house, we should expect not to be able to get back into our neighborhood. So, we're packing slowly but staying put for the moment.

Waldo Canyon Fire -- taken from the hill above our backyard.

Libbie knows something is up. Between the suitcases and the disappearance of her food bowl, she's pretty sure we're about to drop her at someone's house.

Anna, on the other hand, is your typical cat. With an aura of invincibility, she's not only unaware of impending danger, but it seems like she wouldn't care even if she knew. She's outlived every other cat she knows. Why would that change now?

The weatherman is saying right now that we've got thunderstorms coming. Unfortunately, they have almost no moisture in them -- just lightning and wind. That won't help our situation. But we're hanging out, enjoying a beer, and reminding the kids that their stuff is not important. As Callie cried while she packed her essentials, I asked her, "What's important, babe?"

"You," she replied. Yes, of course. I've obviously taught her well.

"What else?" I asked.

"My sister. My dad. Our animals."


Nothing like impending danger to remind you of what is important.

Even if we stay outside the evacuation area, we've all been reminded of what matters.