Thursday, July 26, 2012


You've probably been through this. You have a conversation with your child and you realize that you want to remember everything about your child in that moment. The wit, the intelligence, the humor, the cute little face. I had a couple of those with Callie yesterday. My brain seems to be at capacity these days, so I'm putting Callie's words here so I won't forget.

Me: Your room doesn't seem very picked-up tonight.

Callie: I'm a kid. I play in my room.


(After a discussion about how Callie wants to be a veterinarian.)


Callie: I think I will hire someone else to put animals to sleep.


Me: Did you know you've got an appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon?

Callie: Yes. Should I brush my eye lashes?


Callie's friend: I'm gonna rub this glue stick on your face like sunblock.

Callie: (very calmly) Don't put glue stick on my face. It will really hurt when it dries.


Me: Ahhhh, it looks like you didn't finish cleaning your room today.

Callie: I did, I did...but (sounding disappointed when she sees her skirt lying amid the mess of her room) I just changed into my pajamas and forgot to put my skirt away.

And we both fall over laughing.


(while hearing the NBC Olympic music)

Callie: Mama, I clicked on the United Kingdom on my globe to hear their national anthem, and it wasn't this one. This one must be new.

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