Thursday, October 11, 2012


Thank you
for taking out my
splinter/spine/pokey thing/thingamabob.
I know I can always
count on you Momma!

This is the note I found from Callie on the whiteboard upstairs tonight.

You see, she'd gone for a walk in the open space with Brynn and two friends, only to step on a cactus and end up with a big "pokey thing" in her foot. 

She wouldn't come down from the hill under her own power -- Brynn had to carry her. 

Brynn carried Callie on her hip, in case you were wondering how that worked. I know I was.

Brynn brought Callie tweezers and cuticle scissors and antibiotic ointment and antibiotic spray. 

Brynn filled up a soaking tub of warm water and squirted some Hibiclens in the water to be sure Callie's foot got clean.

Brynn made Callie a cherry-chocolate-almond milkshake to distract her from the pain in her foot. 

All I did was yank out the cactus spine. But I got the thank you note.

And, you might wonder why Brynn had to do all the other mom-duties? Where was the actual mom, you ask? I was painting a wall in the girls' pink kitchen. Luckily Brynn took care of Callie for me, but she was smart enough not to try to pull out the spine. She would have gotten punched in the nose, I'm sure. 

I should probably be the one writing the thank you note. I am so blessed by my two sweet daughters.

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